The Business of Creativity

The practice of using your creativity to work with clients that inspire you while earning great money and living the lifestyle you desire.

You are already great at what you do.

Get the training and support you need to be great at the business part too! We can help you with that.

Marketing Strategy Mini-masterclass

Stop wasting your time, effort, and money on marketing that doesn't work for your business.

Why Business of Creativity?

If you are a creative entrepreneur (photographer, videographer, web designer, blogger, copywriter, content manager, or someone who uses creativity and passion to provide a professional service) then you already have skills and talent! What you probably DO NOT HAVE is the training, skills, and support you need to run your business with confidence. We can help you with that!
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The Three Pillars of Success

Create the lifestyle you want and then build your business and your network to support it.

  • Your Business Plan

    Create a vivid lifestyle dream, a crystal clear vision for your business, and the specific clients, actions, milestones to make those dreams happen! Your DAMN Plan.

  • Your Marketing Strategy

    Develop a compelling and unique brand personality, get clear on your messaging, and create a strategy and action plan for sharing it with confidence and ease.

  • Your Network & Mindset

    Become part of a mastermind group to support you in being consistent, to leverage the resources and wisdom of others, and to accelerate your results.

Your Creative Business

Where are you in your journey? Are you just starting out or have you been in business for a few years and you are looking to grow or expand?